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Janie Corbett

Hi everyone,

I live in rural France and am a shiatsu practitioner, I am also a qigong teacher, but I really like add as much movement awareness as possible to the classes, so that the participants really learn to listen to their bodies and learn from their bodies.


I came across feldenkrais through shiatsu classes, and then a couple of years ago, looking for material for my classes. I love it so much and I feel so enriched myself through this practice. I really hope to continue connecting the three practices through the somatic intelligence aspects of them all, which is so much what feldenkrais is about.

I have also lived through much trauma in my youth, which has been the biggest impulse in just about every choice I have made. Thankfully I am really getting to a place where I can look at the trauma, and the disastrous choices that the original trauma led me to make, from the outside. And I am now in a position to be helping others.

So happy to be on this forum. So happy to have the opportunity to check out your teachings in greater depth Cynthia.


My super otter power is a deep inner joy in the face of it all.