Our last week

It is our final week! What a wonderful journey of discovery it has been. And it doesn’t end here. You can continue to access these resources and use them on a weekly basis for as long as you find them helpful.

It turns out that very few of us are truly broken. By broken, I mean need someone or something else to “fix” us. We are organic beings that respond to life’s events. Our entire being contracts when we are poked or injured. We light up when we are in the presence of someone we love. Our brain changes for the better or worse when events are particularly large or prolonged.

But that same brain will respond to the language of curiosity, exploration, awareness, and sensation through movement. Life keeps happening and you will keep adapting. You know more about the creative process of adapting and sensing your body/mind than you did 14 weeks ago. Thanks so much for letting me take this journey with you.

You can keep growing into a better back, a better life.