Learning Body Basic

Feldenkrais and Sounder Sleep
over 35 videos and 20 audios (and growing)

Develop a regular practice and learn how to reduce stress, pain and anxiety while learning to move with increased ease and pleasure.

Stream lessons to do wherever you want, whenever you want.

Finding Ease and Joy

Experience ease and joy through better movement, better thinking.

Upgrading Movement Habits

We all have habits that have outlived their usefulness.

Personal Practice

Integrating self-care and growth into daily living is key.

"As a working professional and mother of a school-age child, I simply don’t have the time to squeeze in a movement class each week at a specific time, and these online sessions enable me to fit these in when it is convenient.

Cynthia Allen is a mastermind of how the human body works, and it is truly magical being able to experience her expertise in my own home."

- Janet (who just renewed her membership)

In this library of lessons, expert instructors, Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells partner with you around health and potential. With either the Basic or Elite memberships you get.

  • The opportunity to transform your nervous, motor and muscular systems at the home or office.
  • Bi-monthly emails from us to connect and deliver a single lesson to your inbox which you can do right then and there.
  • The incredible benefits of the Feldenkrais Method® and Sounder Sleep System®
  • Access to a Facebook discussion group where you can talk with the Your Learning Body community about your experience, questions or ideas.

Learning Body Basic

  • 9 different themes: Balance, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, Sleep, Turning, Legs, Travel
  • 35+ exclusive video lessons (10-15 minutes each)
  • 20 audio lessons (recorded from live classes)
  • Modalities Include: Feldenkrais Method® and Sounder Sleep System®, Guided Meditations with NLP

This is for you if:

  • You are new to somatic learning
  • Short lessons are right for you

"Depending on my need each day, my membership allows me to 'check-out' adventures with movement from my toes to my head and all parts in between. Loving these explorations!"

- Kathleen Jacobs, LMT

Courses Included with Purchase

Guided Meditations using NLP
Larry Wells
From Shoulders to Crawling
5 Video Lessons on Your Back, Chair, Hands and Knees
Cynthia Allen
Free Your Shoulders (Basic)
Six Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement videos
Cynthia Allen
Integrate Your Legs (Basic)
Six easy to use Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement videos to improve the support of your legs
Cynthia Allen
Looking and Turning Around (Basic)
Six potent Feldenkrais video and audio exercises
Cynthia Allen
Better Back Lite (Basic)
An intro series of six videos to start your healing
Cynthia Allen
Better Balance Lite (Basic)
Seven video tutorials from the Better Balance Mastery program to enhance your standing and walking in this world
Cynthia Allen
Rediscovering Your Hips (Basic)
Five Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement videos for your Hips
Cynthia Allen
Airports, Flying or any Extended Sitting (Basic)
14 Feldenkrais and Movement Intelligence audio lessons: 3-10 minutes each
Cynthia Allen
Sounder Sleep (Basic)
Six audio series - less than 30 min each
Larry Wells
A Taste of Mexico 2018
Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells
Special Valentine's Class
Heart meditation plus standing, sitting and floor movement audio lessons
Cynthia Allen
Greece: You in the Cosmos ... a taste
Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells

Your Instructor

Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells
Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells

Cynthia Allen is a Feldenkrais Practitioner, Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence and co-creator of Integral Human Gait theory.

Larry Wells is a Master Trainer and Consultant in Neuro-Linguistics Programming and Sounder Sleep teacher. He also holds master degrees in Divinity and Social Work.

Both are big fans of Integral Theory and Ken Wilber. Oh and did we mention, they are married (to each other).