Boost your growth factor with these bonus lessons:

Open Your Arms to Freedom! with Lavinia Plonka (three audio lessons)

Where does my reach begin?
Feeling Your Wings
Rolling the Arms, Relaxing the Spine

Magic Towel series with Angela McMillan (four audio lessons)

As a dancer I had to learn how to rest my body between classes, workshops and performances. I'm committed to educating dancers the importance of helping their bodies lower tension and stress.These magic towel lessons allow for the body to learn to adapt to different environments. Creating a change in the body and giving the muscles a chance to release tension.

Imagination and Sensation Online Audio Program with Tiffany Sankary- exploring the Feldenkrais Method®, Authentic Movement and Creative Process (nine audio lessons)

ATM: Lifting Head to Activate the Flexors Part 1
ATM: Lifting Head Activate Flexors Part 2, Beginning with the Legs
ATM: Shoulder Circles / Half in Imagination
ATM: Shoulder Circles in Sitting
Moving Body Scan
ATM: Rolling From Back to Belly
Authenticity is a Survival Need

VOCAL QUALIA: Sensory-Awareness as the Basis for Self-Knowledge and Self-Confidence with Robert Susumma. (2-hour video workshop)

Organizing Back Power by Mary Debono: Awareness Through Movement lesson (35 minute lesson by video)