What’s Next?

Where you are at on your Path to Success will determine a great deal about where you go next in this membership. If you are in the Beginning or  Navigating stages, we highly recommend to proceed to the Video Icon and do the video series in the order they are presented. Then You will be ready to start playing with more audio. Tune into or watch as many of the Live sessions on replay as you can from the first six weeks. Watching those as close to the air time as possible will help you because we are laying beginning groundwork there. 

If you are in Exploring you are ready to go to the Audio Icon. The first few courses listed are excellent for this phase.

And if you are even further along the Path of Success, because you have been a member for awhile or you have studied this work elsewhere, then you may want to look around for a series title that strikes you and do a series that way.

Of course, you can always use advanced search to try to meet a specific need.But doing it this way all the time will likely lead to spotty results.


ACTION STEP: Post in the discussion form — I have completed the Core Content! And share something about the journey so far. There is a thread there for that.