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Lisa Hueske | Expanding on the Vocabulary of What’s Familiar series

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How to do a lesson:

  • Have a small stack of hand towels as a support or a small firm pillow to place under your head as needed.
  • Seated lessons will best be done in a firm chair that does not roll.
  • Go very slowly.
  • Pause the lesson as needed to give yourself time.
  • Move within your own comfortable range. 
  • Do NOT push or strain. You will get more benefits by doing less.
  • Try to let go of doing the movements the “right” way. 
  • Be curious and enjoy the changes.
  • Follow any healthcare restrictions you have been given.

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Spine Like a Chain Variations

Explore how the spine can move like a chain with different planes of movement in extension, translation, flexion, side bending, and turning.

Bending Sideways on the Back

Investigate the movement plane of side bending with the approach coming from the hip joints opening and closing sideways and their relationship to the torso.

Tripod Spiral

This lesson explores spiraling the torso into gentle side-to-side rolling with variations on areas of initiation and sequencing.

Sitting Back Towards the Heels

Explore quadruped positional movement of sitting back towards the heels relating to different configurations of the torso.

Sitting Up Along the Diagonal

This lesson investigates diagonal relationships of the torso and how to roll along the diagonal pathway to come up and down from side sitting.