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How to do a lesson:

  • Have a small stack of hand towels as a support or a small firm pillow to place under your head as needed.
  • Seated lessons will best be done in a firm chair that does not roll.
  • Go very slowly.
  • Pause the lesson as needed to give yourself time.
  • Move within your own comfortable range. 
  • Do NOT push or strain. You will get more benefits by doing less.
  • Try to let go of doing the movements the “right” way. 
  • Be curious and enjoy the changes.
  • Follow any healthcare restrictions you have been given.

About Dorothy Henning

Dorothy Henning, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, completed her training in Switzerland and opened her Feldenkrais practice in Strasbourg, France in 2004. She returned to her home town, Louisville, Kentucky in 2013, where she currently practices. Dorothy holds a French national diploma in Sports Education specialty Aquatics, from Strasbourg, France. While in Strasbourg, she worked with high level competitive athletes as well as collaborated with the Ludica Center for traumatic brain injury and stroke victims. Dorothy is certified as a Havening Techniques® Practitioner, a rapid and effective treatment based in neuroscience that uses touch, attention and imagination to trigger electrochemical changes in the brain that alter how memories are processed and helps increase resilience. Havening Techniques complements Feldenkrais with its parallel foundations in neuroscience.

Whether swimming across the Golden Gate or dancing for small dance companies in San Francisco and Strasbourg, Dorothy has always loved dance and movement, and the avenue for self-discovery and connection that this brings to the human experience. Dorothy continues her research and interest in neuroplasticity and the implications this has on learning, especially after injury and illness. Bringing together movement, learning, mindfulness and a passion for helping others discover hope and the potential for a better life through connection to themselves, to others and to the world around them, inspires her work and her life.

Learn more about Dorothy and her practice at https://integrativemovement.us/

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