Day Two: AMERICAS Teachers with Coordinator Frederick Schjang

Around the World in 48 Hours
FELDENKRAIS Awareness Through Movement Lessons®

Day Two: AMERICAS Teachers

with Coordinator Frederick Schjang

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How to do a lesson:

  • Have a small stack of hand towels as a support or a small firm pillow to place under your head as needed.
  • Seated lessons will best be done in a firm chair that does not roll.
  • Go very slowly.
  • Pause the lesson as needed to give yourself time.
  • Move within your own comfortable range. 
  • Do NOT push or strain. You will get more benefits by doing less.
  • Try to let go of doing the movements the “right” way. 
  • Be curious and enjoy the changes.
  • Follow any healthcare restrictions you have been given.


Twisting the Ribs, Organizing the Abdomen   🌶️ 🌶️ 🌶️

Free your torso by shedding unnecessary efforts in your chest and abdominals, and improving the coordination between them.


Spine Like a Chain/Jelly Pudding 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Creating waves and oscillations of the spine with variations.


Power of the Smile 🌶️🌶️

The use of smiling to improve freedom in the hips and limbs.


Freeing Your Upper-Back 🌶️ 🌶️

Explore how freeing your upper back improves your turning and rolling.


To Statue Standing 🌶️ 🌶️  🌶️

“The common association of good posture with poise – that is, mental or emotional tranquility – is in fact an excellent criterion of good posture.” Moshe Feldenkrais. In a standing configuration, this lesson will explore the relationship of the organization of the feet on the ground to what is happening in the hip joints and how ground forces are translated through the spine to the head.


Starfish: Coordinate Your Breath 🌶️ 🌶️ 🌶️

Learning to coordinate the breath with opening and closing movements of the hand and the whole self. Breathing becomes the motor. Focus on learning to move with greater sensitivity and quality.


Soft Pretzel Variations 🌶️ 🌶️🌶️ 🌶️

Explore how incorporating your torso into movement in the extremities allows us greater athleticism and power.


Pelvic Clock/Head Lifting 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

Variations on lessons taught by Moshe Feldenkrais in Vancouver 1973.

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