Beth Rubenstein: Multiple Sclerosis: Take Charge of Your Mobility and Function

Beth Rubenstein: Multiple Sclerosis: Take Charge of Your Mobility and Function

Most people know they are capable of so much more, yet, are mostly happy with average movement. But dancers make movement their life, their art. A moving mind stays open. Thinking bodies expect the unfamiliar. Moving intelligently means being on the lookout for opportunities of danger or unexpected brilliance.

The Feldenkrais Method® is a powerful tool for helping you know what you don’t know and cultivating your thinking body. Learn to make a difference in your safety while performing and become the dancer no one can take their eyes off of or as Dr. Feldenkrais said, “make the easy, elegant.”

Interview will cover ways to:

  • Find more body control. 
  • Build physical resilience. 
  • Help you find more artistic freedom.

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About Angela McMillan

Angela has spent the past 20 years working as a Dance/Feldenkrais® Teacher using The Feldenkrais Method® to break down movement challenges for her students. The past 3 years she has brought her movement program online. Offering weekly online lessons, self study programs and masterclasses to Movement enthusiast, mainly Yoga and Dance teachers. Empowering them to learn the techniques of this revolutionary modality to keep themselves conditioned and learn movement techniques to include in their own classes. Angela is a self confessed ‘tech nerd’, you can find her live streaming on Facebook and on her YouTube channel, when she isn’t doing AcroYoga with her two boys. — links to all my online programs

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