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Amy Manion

Hi fellow Otter Power Friends,

I’ve been with YLB for over a year now and I have to say I haven’t been consistent at all in my practice. However, when I do go on, I feel much better and accomplished. I love the hearts points system and the format of this online program. I love how there is a community as well. Hopefully that can motivate me more to log in!

I like listening (and sometimes practicing!) the Sounder Sleep series at night as well as the NLP Guided meditations. Larry’s voice is so soothing and it’s a very gentle and kind thing you can do for yourself so I highly recommend it. To try and get myself back on track, I decided to start from the beginning, so this is it!

I live in Mass., outside of Boston, and I am a musician. I like to write as well and be creative in any way I can.

The super otter power I’d bring to the YLB community is my desire to learn and grow in community. So, no matter how long you’ve been on here, let’s start each day like it’s the first one! Just do what you can and that will be enough.

It’s a hard time right now, and I realize how important self-care and my body truly is. So to that end, I want to do good things for myself and this is definitely one of them.

Thanks so much Cynthia and Larry for a great program and community 🙂