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Brett Maguire

Greetings, all! I’m a bit late to the introduction party, but here goes… I’m typing in from a cold and wet Massachusetts, where I spend my time working/playing as a classical musician and playing as a rock climber. My Feldenkrais journey began two years ago, when a yoga teacher suggested I try Feldenkrais to deal with tingling and numbness I was experiencing in my right arm – a scary thing for a pianist. I lucked out with an outstanding teacher and had some FIs that changed my life. I found one of Cynthia’s videos on YouTube after an early FI, and recognized a teacher from whom I had much to learn.

Though I consider my healing journey well under way, I’m getting the sense that it’s a lifelong quest. I have much more freedom of movement and life choice than I did two years ago, but I still have moments where pain can shut me down. I can go from feeling like a yoga master on the rock to feeling like an old arthritic man in the span of a day. Trauma sucks, and I’ve found the path of healing to be jagged, but upward. My hope with this community is to build a regular home practice of ATM so I can stay rooted in the playful version of me. Happy to be growing with all of you!

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