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Jean Murphy

Hi everyone. I think I tried to do this before but couldn’t figure out how to add a photo. It took me days to get a photo onto my profile and I don’t understand why we can’t just use that for all purposes on the site, but I am clearly not a techie. I missed the second and third sessions and will miss tomorrow as well, which I am sorry about, but this is a busy time, both because of the holidays and because I am having a lot of doctors appointments. Ugh!

I am retired and live in Reston, VA, a suburb of Washington, DC. My husband passed away 30 years ago so I’ve had a lot of time living on my own. Thank goodness for my women friends! I have been taking a weekly Feldendrais class locally for about a year and am hoping through this course to get a daily practice going. I am in two book clubs and enjoy movies and our local theater scene (from a seat in the audience, not on the stage!). Volunteer activities include serving as a member of my HOA Board of Directors and  helping out with library sales. Look forward to this experience.


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