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mary bach-loreaux

Hi, I’m mary b-l and I have trauma issues too that resulted in many body problems and am feeling like if I don’t get really tough right now it will never happen, because I was so excited and overdid. Studied Bones for Life with Cynthia for a while and had private sessions with Phyllis Eveleigh. It is first online course. Either couldn’t get my photo uploaded or did it over and over. If it isn’t there I am not sure why.

Don’t relate to otter superpower either but watched Fionna Hill all day and see people wanting to be like her. she is powerful and brave but so defended. She’s brave but am afraid of going over to that kind of stoicism. Afraid of that happening to me. But that’s now. Am different.

Read some of your intros last night. and am glad to start getting to know you.