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Jane LaPointe

Jane LaPointe – living back in my home town of Winchendon MA. New to YLB but not to Feldenkrais. Was a guinea pig during the first Boston training back in the 1990’s for students – one of those was my sister, June. It’s also where I met Barry Levine and had some amazing sessions with him when I lived in the Boston area. I’ve also been to Bones for Life workshops with Ruthy Alon. I’m pretty much retired but do take on an occasional consulting assignment along with a few interesting volunteer jobs in my community — keeps me and my mind engaged and moving. Have always been pretty fortunate, health-wise in finding good practitioners and treatments as needed. Have always been very active and independent – would like to stay that way — so want to keep the osteoarthritis at bay and continue the habit of moving and doing things I enjoy.