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Rivkah Cohen

I am a Feldenkrais practitioner since 2011, and I am an occupational therapist since 1968. I currently teach two adult
groups a week, one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and I see kiddos and adults privately. I am the curious otter power, so much so that my conversation is often sprinkled with the words,”I’m not disagreeing, I’m just curious.” I joined the YLB because I live in a Feldenkrais
desert…halfway between Dallas and Shreveport,LA. There is a wonderful practitioner in Dallas, but it is over 100 miles and that doesnt’ work too well. I am new to on-line continuing classes, so I’m on an IT learning curve. I’m better at raising my hand and blurting than typing in or hitting an icon. Ha. See ya all on the line. R