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Roberta Miles

Hello all, I’m Roberta Miles (aka Roberta Gary), retired six years now from teaching organ at CCM for 46 years. I’ve known Cynthia for many years, and benefitted greatly from her classes and private lessons in the past. Now 87 years old, I’m still engaged in musical pursuits, (playing the harpsichord as well as the organ), and doing a little teaching and coaching of other musicians. Physically speaking, I suffered a mild case of polio in my right leg at age 7, and about 10 years ago I fractured right tibia/fibula, right hip joint, right humerus, all as a result of falls. I now use a rollator, a four-wheeled type of walker, to prevent further falls as well as to help me continue to be as active as I can. A PT visits every two weeks, and is helping me maintain/increase muscular strength in my legs. I’ve always been interested in “how the body moves”, through studying with an Alexander Technique teacher, and have contributed (along with my husband), to a book called “What every Pianist needs to know about the Body”. I’m looking forward to guidance in bringing my attention back to what’s going in my body, as I enter this next phase of life!