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Lori Shoemake

I am Lori and I live in Bedford, PA. I graduated from Baltimore4 Feldenkrais program in 2016. I am an avid equestrian and have been teaching and training for nearly 40 years! I continually utilize the Feldenkrais work with my students and the horses. I also have a small private Feldenkrais practice out of my home. I am new to YLB. I am pretty isolated from other Feldies in my area. I like having a program to follow, in terms of keeping my own learning going. When left to my own devices, I tend to procrastinate! I am hoping that YLB will not only benefit me personally, but improve my work with others.
I did not get a chance to attend Friday’s session, and it’s not available for replay yet. However, based on reading other introductions, I would say my super power is being curious and yearning for new learning.