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Katy Grey

Hi Everyone
I’m Katy and I live in England. I have had a life of injuries since age 10 when I fractured my lumbar in a fall of about 12 feet. Then at age 12 I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I have spent a lot of time since I was little recovering and getting stronger from one thing or another, so I suppose figuring out how to heal and exercising became part of me. I have injured most joints, mainly through horse and car accidents, and got very ill from that stress for many years, but eventually I got recovery down pat and brought my health back!
I decided about 6 years ago that yoga was the one exercise that I could still do and generally feel better doing, so I decided to go train. Years of training later (!) – I am teaching mainly Yoga for Scoliosis and Back Care, plus meditation and iRest Yoga Nidra. I am also still working on the original body – mine!, but in the last few months I have reduced my chronic pain to zero. Not getting enough sleep is my main enemy.
I have read a little bit about Feldenkrais and realised that what I do for my body in my daily practice (a felt sense movement) seemed to be very like what I thought Feldenkrais seemed to be. So I thought I should find out more! Happy to be here and looking forward to getting started. (Joined on the weekend.) I definitely am curious by nature, and I am working on my super-power…