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Jill Gleim

Hello, I am a creative arts educator/dancer/musician/OTA. I live in beautiful Ipswich, Ma. where I teach music and movement to little children around the Boston area and run “Arts All Day” summer arts camp in Cambridge. Long ago I had CIPD (now in remission?), it spread through my body for 20 years. As a dancer I was fascinated that while continuing my daily teaching and dancing along with working with Joe Gifford and Josef Dellagrotte, I was able to regain much of my muscle function affected by the demylinating disease,(which was somewhat surprising to the neurologist, mid-70’s). Then came the brain research saying we can build new neuro pathways, taking me into reflex integration, brain gym and other integrative methods that I incorporate into movement and music activities for young developing people. The day I signed up for this course I realized that I have spent much of my life trying to keep my feet off the ground. After years of practicing varied movement techniques, I am returning to Feldenkrais to find renewed patterns of movement to replace old compensatory ones. I often say, it always comes back to Feldenkrais, so here I am. I am especially interested how emotional trauma relates to body pains and illness. Looking forward to being here.