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Alexandra Trencseni

Hello everyone, from Berlin:)
Having started 80ties/90ties of 20th century as visual artist and then writing (literature, cultural studies, Psychoanalysis with interest in creativity, relational trauma, and safe attachment topics), survived a severe cancer in my late 30ties, training back my lost voice due to defected voice membranes against all prognostics, leftover with ME/CFS and due to immobility also frozen shoulders(all two;/), and then seeking a way to re-enter my body despite the ME-typical „Post exertion malaise“ and heavy insomnia, I am now in my 3rd year of Feldenkrais – shoulders free, sleep improved, voice at ease, and walks possible – even carrying again bags of food, and 1st time ever, able of throwing things far away (not just uncool 2 meters;) as of catching objects thrown. ME is still much with me, unlikely to leave, but I hope to begin teaching FK classes 1-2/ week, and would love to give FI, despite a slight muscular weakness in my arms since childhood – I just love the deep state of listening hand and giving impulses for new possibilities of self-organization:)… I hope for regular inspiration to go the mat and open up my bodies capacities even more.
…Hm, what is my otter-power? Maybe, hope, and not giving up, and using all that is for my material, to work with.:))))