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Margrit Mueller

Hi everyone,
I just joined YLB today and I am looking forward to everything this course has to offer.
I grew up in Germany, now live in Petaluma, Northern California and have been doing Feldenkrais for sometime.
Having a “bad” hip to the point that I wasn’t able to straighten out my leg, walk “crooked” all the time, painful etc.
I like my doctor, but his respond was, do the best you can, and basically, when you can’t walk to the grocery store anymore, it’s time to replace the hip. I just didn’t buy it, honestly it made me a bit angry, really?
I understand I have a bad hip, but my hip is only a part of my body, so may be if all the other parts of my
body move better, may be that “bad” hip is not such a big deal???
My girlfriend, a physical therapist suggested Feldenkrais. I really didn’t understand the classes for a long time, but I stuck with it (just new I was in the right place) and now,I move so much more freely, rarely any pain.
My newest success, I can even lay on my stomach for a few minutes without pain.

I just turned sixty, want to work a bit less and spend more time “hiking”.
Sooo, what if I get a bit more serious about Feldenkrais, may be I am able to do some longer hikes? This is why I signed up.

My super otter power? Not sure, I guess we’ll find out?
I know I am very persistent, just don’t give up. Also, limitations or not, I like to have fun.

See you tomorrow!