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Rainbow Lonestar

Greetings, everyone, from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest Virginia.

I’m a new arrival to YLB and am looking forward (with some trepidation) to exploring, learning and growing into a brighter future with you all.
I’ve experienced a lot of trauma, especially in my early life, and I’m also a heavy person for whom some types of movements are a bit difficult. As a result, I’m also very self-conscious around others and being observed in a certain way is difficult for me.
While I’ve come a very long way and done a lot of healing and growing in many amazing & beautiful ways, it continues to be a real challenge for me to inhabit my body and I come up against a lot of internal resistance whenever things become challenging and I feel confronted by my physical limitations.
I have a pattern of avoidance that tends to keep me from engaging physically in my life through movement and exercise. My hope is that being part of a supportive community will help encourage me to keep showing up for myself and others, to keep leaning into my edges and be willing to stay with the discomfort of my trauma triggers. There’s a deep longing in me to heal my relationship with my body and finally “come home” to myself all the way.
My super otter powers include the ability to hold space for others, to listen with compassion, empathy, non-judgment and unconditional acceptance.